Vegetarian diets

dietsVarious vegetarian diets that have emerged throughout history have different objectives, which may respond to philosophical tendencies, religious beliefs, and ecological, ethical, economic, or dietary fundamentals.

The vegetarian movement as such began in England in the early years of the 20th century, when some intellectuals and religious found that this diet could lead to the virtue and health.

Currently, a large percentage of the world population voluntarily follows some kind of diet based on the consumption of vegetarian recipes, not to be confused with that many of the inhabitants of the third world, because of the lack of resources and poverty, have a diet based on vegetables that fail to meet basic nutritional requirements.

Types of vegetarian diets

Not consumed any food of animal origin or food in the process can add any ingredient of this origin.

Diet fruiterers

Fruits, nuts and seeds, without cooking can only consume. You can include the ingestion of some vegetables but not vegetables.Only consume raw foods: vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals and legumes germinated. Some include milk and eggs that Yes, always without any type of cooking.

Diet hygienist

It is based on the theory of the compatibility or incompatibility of the food. Combinations are avoided certain as the mixture of starch with rich in protein-rich food, because it is assumed that mixed may not be well digested. Another feature of this diet is that the fruit be eaten out meals and without mixing with other foods.

Macrobiotic Diet

It is based on concepts of Zen philosophy. Foods they are classified into two categories: yin and yang. Health and well-being depend on the balance yin and yang.

The macrobiotic diet passes through ten different States which become progressively more restrictive in terms of the variety of food, reaching a high level based on the exclusive consumption of cereals.

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