Tips vegetarian diets

dietTo increase the nutritional value of these diets, let me give you these tips that I hope wall and tell us how you will you go with them:

Replaces the common foods to make your diet more sans and varied. For example, replaces the food refined by integrals, wine vinegar for Apple or lemon juice vinegar, oil refining olive oil, salt for salt marine or condiments made from algae, among others.

Included in your diet food sprouts such as soy, beans, peas, wheat, and drinks made from barley.

And what makes the sprouts special? The germination process increases its content in essential amino acids between 10% and 30%, and does the same thing with absorbable iron. This process also prefigure carbohydrates and synthesizes vitamins.

It also includes food fermented in a natural way. Fermenting makes food more digestible and nutritious. It is not the same to eat whole wheat bread with natural yeast, one made with industrial ferment.

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