Tips to lose weight

lose weightLower weight required a comprehensive treatment that ensures a loss long-term and progressively, taking into account all the factors involved: degree of overweight, diet, physical activity, motivation for treatment, etc.

Remember that weight loss is, above all, a matter of health. Values these two very important points:

What your healthy weight. It means a little much. A loss of 5-10% of your weight current will bring great benefits to your body, in addition to significantly improve its appearance.

What term is appropriate? An excessively rapid loss is not healthy or realistic.

Check your weight regularly with your trusted skilled, where:

You will inform of their initial weight, weight ideal, and weights and goals to achieve.It will offer controls scheduled for the coming months.

Obesity is a health problem. It is a disease in itself cause at the same time of numerous complications: high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol. Obesity is not an aesthetic problem. The worst is, precisely, what is not. The excess calories and fat that we eat become body fat. Your problem requires a multifactor treatment

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