Tips to keep weight loss over time

lose weightCurrently there is a countless of diets that help reduce weight in a short time through a combination that requires less food and more exercise.

However, in many cases it happens that after a few weeks you will reach the sad conclusion that so much sacrifice not worth, as the lost pounds begin to reappear.

So this does not happen it is essential that changes real and permanent together food, associated with a low calorie diet, habits be taken to promote an increase in physical activity.

The diet must adapt to the tastes and habits of the patient’s achieve greater adherence to the regime,diets must be individualized, and so the expected effect is prolonged in time there should be a permanent control and continuous food education, says Yael Groisman, school of nutrition and dietetics of the greater University nutritionist.

Ideally, according to the expert, is to reduce energy consumption, and if it is to increase protein intake to do so within the ranges permitted, thus avoiding adverse effects on people’s health.

It is important to split into five or six meals a day, in order to avoid long periods of fasting and achieve greater adherence to action, says Groisman.

That the effects of the diet may be long for long has to do only with an aesthetic issue. The major profits are the preservation of cardiovascular health achievement, either avoiding the emergence of problems of this kind or decreasing them in those cases that patients present them. This includes the avoidance of sharp infarction myocardium, strokes, Diabetes Mellitus, metabolic syndrome, accidents among extra aspect, stress the nutritionist.

Yael Groisman warns that, specifically the abdominal obesity is one of the main factors of risk of cardiovascular diseases, since it produces insulin fight, the initial stride in Diabetes Mellitus. And this sickness is that most correlate with cardiovascular diseases.

We also famous that the small weight reduces worry figures in hypertensive patients, which is another of the factors of risk for all cardiovascular diseases, adds.

A decline in weight which is prolonged in time helps to have a better quality of life and an aging healthy. Therefore, the nutritionist at the greatest University Yael Groisman offers some useful tips.

1. Worry of the nutritional status of individual and family and intervene early.

2. Be maintained and constant physical activity. It is advisable to exercise at least one hour a day three times a week or daily half-hour every day, as for example brisk fast walking. Try parking away from the door, using conventional and non-mechanical stairs or elevators.

3. Keep eating healthy rich in fruits, vegetables, beans and entire grain.

4. Prefer fish consumption and minimize the fatty meats.

5. Eat at least two liters of water a day.

6. Learn how to read and interpret the nutritional labeling of food products.

7. Eat several times in the day and prefer foods with a low energy density.

8. Check with a qualified professional.

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