Tips to keep the parts of the body slim

slimIf you are that suffered bodily or physical changes due to diet and you have skin with stretch marks or sagging, we turn to give you a series of tips for toning the skin and achieve this with better-looking skin.

When a person rises or low weight on a regular basis, the first signs appear in the breasts, legs and abdomen. This is because the skin of these areas of the body are which are more stretched to gain weight, resulting in that person to slimming see stretch marks or skin soft.

Many women who were obese and had a breast augmentation, you can see most affected since the skin that surplus reflects quite unsightly signs. However there are exercises to avoid this to happen.

Our first advice to achieve a more toned skin is going to the gym and start a workout with weights. With this you will manage that the muscles will be stronger.

Spinning is a great option, is the ideal exercise for weight loss and at the same time exercise the muscles of the body. With this exercise the legs will see stronger, free of cellulite and stretch marks.

The force you exert on the spinning concentrates in the abdomen of achieving this tone the upper abdominal and the lower.

Another exercise to tone the buttocks is the bridge. If during the exercise remains retracted abdomen will be simultaneously results in abdomen and buttocks.


Lying down face up, with your legs bent and spread at the height of the hip.With arms extended to the side of the body and the palms of the hands facing down.Keep the abdominal muscles contracted.The secret is to focus the exercise force in less carbonated parts of the body.

These are some exercises that you can do to tone breasts, if the practices every day, or three times in the week, in little time begin to see the results. You can also supplement them with exercises to strengthen hip and buttocks. Importantly, the constancy and perseverance. Do not forget the physical exercise and a good diet improves your quality of life.

Sit in a chair with well attached tail in the back and the well right column.Take a dumbbell in every supply, palms face each other.

Keep elbows bent, and from this position, you will begin to open the arms to the sides.

Whenever you open your arms you must inspire, and when you close them you must expire. So repeat 3 sets of 5 exercises up to 3 sets of 10.

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