Tips for weight loss

lose weightThe white sauce can be prepared with skim milk mixed with a little cornstarch, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Remains with the same consistency and as rich as traditional.

Does not decrease your calorie intake dramatically. Diets very low in calories, raise rarely work, are hardly sustainable in the long term and are damaging your metabolism.

It reduces the amount of sugar in recipes, supplementing it by sweetener powder and adding cinnamon or vanilla.

Occasionally a dessert to sweeten us badly does not fall if and when we choose those who don’t contribute a large amount of calories or fat.

Healthy weight indexes of Corporal mass measures your weight in relation to your height. A BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 indicates a healthy weight.

Remember that leaf, tomato, sprouts and grated Zucchini have half the calories as carrot, beet, cabbage trees and pumpkin to choose vegetables for a salad. So you can eat twice as the first without fear of fat. 

Ways to decrease calories in desserts: increase the amount of cinnamon or vanilla in the recipe to make it look sweeter.Do not snack between meals.Get a loss of weight between a half and a kilo per week is correct.Avoid tensions that first create anxiety and later lead to eating more than what is needed.

Exercise and calories. The exercises, which involve the bigger body, such as the thighs and the rear muscle, glow extra calories.

Enjoy beyond the table: eat slowly, savoring every bite, thinks that the banquet to be festive must not be weighed. Delight in the quality of the food, not with the quantity.

Craving for hamburger? If the craving is very large requests a small without mayonnaise and prevents the potatoes or share them with a friend.

Not to go shopping with the stomach empty. It is go right after eating. That way fewer temptations suffer while is this shopping.

Establish a fixed schedule for meals.

Level of difficulty. Exercises that have greater difficulty are good for your health, so do not avoid them. Although it seems easier to do an activity in which only you move your arms, for example, the truth is that when you enable your whole body effort will be rewarded.

If you like tuna. Buy tuna in water instead of tuna in oil, it has less fat with, therefore, less calories.

Fiber provides a feeling of fullness. For this reason, include vegetables or bread in their lunches or breakfasts.

If you feel the temptation to eat a sweet or leave the gym, look at a photo of yourself before you start to train and see how the idea disappears.

After serving the food on the plate remove the source of the table.

Water consumption. There is scientific consensus on promoting consumption of approximately 2 liters of total fluids per day, including drinking water or mineral without gas, depending on each case in particular.

Very low calorie diets and lack of exercise contribute to burn both muscle mass as the body fat. This condition is unhealthy for the body, and hunger, rebound results that recovers the body fat. The body recovers the fat more easily, and over time changes the composition of the body to a higher percentage of fat. The right approach is the gradually increase the exercise at the time which is gradually decreased caloric intake. A quick change will not work long term.

Diet of the stars. It contains various errors such as the Elimination of carbohydrate, or the consumption of substances with a high level of fat free. It can cause disorders depressive or food such as bulimia or anorexia. It must not be for risks that it presents, which also include the rebound effect.

With passion. If with passion and a lot. Experiments with various routines and different types of exercises, up to discover your passion. Not like everyone to jump with aerobics, so there are as many varieties of exercises.

Remove the fat from the food, it degreased stews and broths. Remove the skin from poultry, white meat and ham; remove with slotted spoon the layer of fat floating on the surface of soups.

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