Tips for losing weight

lose weightLose weight actually is not as difficult as described us. There is no secret, miracle or magic formula for achieving it, but is a question of yours available to carry out a system and stick to it.

We must not make large sacrifices or the overnight efforts: that would be counterproductive to your health.

The best way to start is by making small changes in your routine and daily food, such as:Vary the diet.

Don’t let any single group of food out; you should try to eat everything in the right measurement.

Choose a slow system. Diets for a week or less may work, but then the rebound effect passes you the invoice, or worse still, does your health. The most appropriate is to go losing weight from a few, between half a kilo a kilo weekly.

Get five meals a day. You don’t kill hunger, you don’t ignore you no food. All should eat two meals consistent and three lights.

The breakfast is the best. It is the most important meal of the day. Contribution between 20% and 25% of daily calories.

Dinner early. Eat at least two hours before bedtime because at night the metabolism becomes slower and accumulate fat more easily.

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