Tips for eating healthy

lose weightTips for eating healthy also in Christmas

1. Begins already itself a control diet for the days before and after to the parties, that avoid excess fats, alcohol and starch.

2. Similarly, assert yourself day’s restriction before and after the dates more designated, eating less than usual.

3. Kitchen light as much as possible, and don’t make excessive amounts for fear of running short.

4. Start without hunger. If we take a couple of pieces of fruit before the meal of Christmas, start food partially satisfied and eat less forward.

5. For dessert, use preferably the fruits or home-made desserts.

6. Needn’t forgo the typical Christmas nougat and marzipan sweets, but because they provide many calories it is important to consume them in a timely and moderate way.

7. It possible excesses of food exclusively limited to holidays, and does not extend to the remaining days remaining between one and another festive. Not we, for example, consuming what was left of the food of Christmas during the three following days, or take the usual source of nougat and marzipan to close any dinner of this period.

8. Think of what it will cost you to lose weight gained.

This last recommendation is perhaps the most important to not spoil in a few days our efforts of a couple of months, because it is not the same increase our weight in half a kilo that in three or four kilos during this holiday season. One much greater effort than the satisfaction that you committed excess lose them then probably you will be.

So, enjoy full of Christmas parties, but without falling into the large food excesses that often accompany them.

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