Tips for a flat stomach

slimIt’s spring, and with it starts the dreaded and hated operation bikini: diet and exercise for three months to show off great guy on the beach.

A problem with which we are and that is quite difficult to remove is the sagging belly, a matter which is necessary to keep under control to look perfect this summer.

It has nothing to do being more or less thin to accumulate fat in this area, as even slimmer women can have tummy. Sometimes swells by fluid retention or stress.

For this reason, we bring you a series of tips to have your gut under control.

Take a glass of water with a little lemon juice every morning since this citric alkalizes the urine and increases their production.

It can make you feel bloated at the end of the day due to accumulation of gas, fluid retention or poor digestion. Control with an infusion of anise, since this plant has many cleansing power.

The purifying of the anise you help put an end to this malaise.Massages in the belly.

It reaffirms your belly in a spectacular way thanks to massages in the area with gotu Kola. Almost all creams containing centella have fat burning effects on the body.

Exercise. Never forget to exercise now that is the best way to get a perfect belly.

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