Tips for a diet

diet tipsTips to make a diet

1. The mainly vital thing when we are leaving to start a diet is really convinced of wanting to do it.

2. When you eat does it slowly and chewed several times.

3. When you serve the dishes make it more attractive shape. If you feel that the portion is small it would be good to serve it in a smaller dish as apparent as much.

4. Whenever you can try to respect the schedule of meals, and do not hide that you follow a diet, continue your normal life.

5. It is important that you not slate any meal, if you don’t feel appetite can reduce a little, but don’t eat.

6. Before of the lunch and dinner eat a salad or a soup of vegetables, this way you will have less appetite.

7. To avoid tempt you at home or at work have always hand an Apple or a low fat yogurt. If you feel like eating something first you drink a glass of water.

8. Don’t you depend constantly on a scale; weigh yourself only once a week.

9. If at some point you sales of the diet as the regime continued the rest of the day, don’t think returning to continue tomorrow.

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