Thin women tips

lose weightThey have developed simple strategies but effective to eat better and lose pounds, without losing the motivation.The psychology of nutrition experts say that to lose weight and keep you on your weight, you must get used to thinking like a thin woman because weight loss does not begin in the mouth, but in the mind.

The success of diets depends not on both reduce calories or make sacrifices, but to have a positive attitude.Strategies for feed you better

You then say what changes in your diet are so essential to lose weight as the best diet in the world, and which are tricks of women who are thin without making great sacrifices.

They have grown accustomed to thinking about food in such a way that they are safe from being overweight. If you start to think like them, you can already begin to say goodbye to fatness, says psychologist MarichuHidalgo, an expert in techniques of thinning.

1. Say goodbye to fixed ideas. Most of the women believe that a meal consists of soup, meat, salad, potatoes, bread and dessert, but this is what you need more than an adult woman.

Your meal can also be simply a yogurt low-fat with chopped Apple or a Bowl of whole grain cereal with fruit and light milk.

2. It distracts the pangs of hunger. Paints, writes, plays the piano, or get any activity that you can enjoy, and 10 after minutes of distraction, your desire to eat will vanish.

3. Acts instead of regret you. If you give yourself a binge of sweets, fried pizza, don’t feel guilty, not autocastigues you, not regret your excess as something inevitable, or be sure to eat throughout the day.

4. Keep the peace. If you are used to devour the food, you eat more because the message that your stomach is satiated takes 20 minutes to reach the brain.

5. Behave elegant on the table. Serve you plenty of pasta in the dish and eat it in a moment will make you serve you more even if you have no appetite.

On the other hand, if you manage your dish in a pleasant way, no matter what so small are your portions, you will feel that they are eating a complete dish.

6. Pamper yourself with some slippage. Thin women are not too condescending with themselves. You can’t afford a Sin as occasionally eat half a box of chocolates, but the rest of the month to refrain from them.

7 Stop you at the first sign. Women thin they notice right away when they gain a bit of weight and immediately step on the brake, so always take little time to lose excess pounds, because they never need to get off too.While longer you delay weight loss, you’ll more difficult.

8. You watch your weight and size. Thin women are controlled weighing once a day or a week and leaving your clothes to say if they have increased.So they know what should eat to get back to normal their weight and size.

9. Take care your purchases. Never buy in bulk foods that get fatter, but in small containers, because once you open a bag of pistachios, it is very likely that not even until you terminal them.

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