The fasting as a treatment for weight loss

lose weightFasting is a traditional practice that is used since ancient times to purify the body. Today, even is it considered an alternative treatment for weight loss. That is why, to know in depth this treatment it is important to know its advantages and disadvantages.

Fasting for healing purposes is a practice that is performed since ancient times. The main objective is detoxifying the body, remove waste substances and toxins and prepare your body to strengthen its defenses.As a side effect of this central objective is produced a weight loss that can vary according to each person’s metabolism.

While these are the possible results that can be obtained with fasting, it is important to analyze a bit more in depth both the advantages and the disadvantages of the fast.

Benefits of fasting

According to naturists, fasting is a form of direct action on fat reserves, since immediately after stopping eating; the body attacks the adipose tissue. When this tissue is consumed are released toxins that are removed from the body.

Thus weight is lost, and even other types of ailments can be relieved.

In addition to this the fast slimming effect would be, according to naturist, doctors other benefits like for example the reduction of cholesterol and blood pressure, increase natural defenses, reduction of headaches or migraines, improvement of liver problems, rheumatic problems, reduction of the inflammation of the bladder and kidney inflammation.

Disadvantages of fasting

When you are fasting the low intensity of metabolism, and increase the feeling of cold, especially in the extremities.

Dizziness, tiredness and lack of energy. These effects are caused by the lack of food intake. If the body does not get energy quickly, you have to get it from adipose tissue, which leads to an expenditure of extra energy that causes fatigue, dizziness and lack of energy.

There are different types of fasting, can be full or intermittent. The advantages that might have is important, however, clarifies that not anyone can carry it out do you? Because it is contraindicated in certain circumstances, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, diabetes or people who are coming out of a period of convalescence.

While for naturalistic medicine fasting is a therapeutic treatment for weight loss, traditional medicine does not consider it in the same way. For pathological physicians when fasting your body deteriorates and enters a period of adaptation in which low metabolism and instead of losing weight, enhance it.

Opinions about fasting as a method to lose weight are opposed, so it is very important that before making this kind of treatment so abrupt you check with your doctor to establish if your body is ready to fast.

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