The chard for weight loss

lose weightChard, a great vegetable filling and low in calories

You ever do you think chard would you help in your diet to lose weight? Maybe so. Don’t be afraid to use a vegetable so typical in your diet, since it can be included in multiple ways in your day to day. In this article you will find some ways to take it so you benefit when it comes to weight loss.

Chard, no doubt, can be more than interesting in your diet. That green vegetable, which for many is bland, actually is a great ally for those who wish to take up some extra pounds. It is clear that alone will not make miracles, but can be a good complement to your diet in different formats between themselves. It is a vegetable that is economic, that quite easily, that will be versatile when it comes to weight loss. Are you going to Miss? Do not hesitate to follow the steps suggested in this article.

What you help the chard to lose weight

Low in calories and rich in nutrients: It has about 28 calories per 100 grams. In addition, it is considered one of negative calorie foods. For its part, also provides potassium, vitamin A, C and carotenes.

Satiating capacity: It has lots of fiber and water, reason by which provides satiety. In addition, to be as low in calories, to the can consume in quantities without fear to gain weight.

Good to move belly: Being rich in fiber, it’s perfect for removing feces and keep the body well refined. It would also have a mild laxative effect.

Diuretic and antioxidant: In addition, the chard is very rich in water, which is always good to eliminate retained liquids. On the other hand, it also contains antioxidants in their composition, something that is never over.

How can I use to lose weight

Preparing rich shakes and juices: Although usually uses cooked chard, the best of its properties emerges when it is raw. So are much better their vitamins. Use good green and tender leaves to prepare shakes or to pass it through juice extractor into juice, combined with other fruits and vegetables.

Using it in the kitchen: Here if you have to use it cooked in some preparations, but there will be no problem, since you still have other good contributions, as well as which loses some nutrients and fiber. You can try the chard Gratin, a light creamy Swiss chard or these great Green meatballs. Obviously, in a salad, raw and tender, also go wonders.

 Planning a three day diet: A quick and depurative diet having as protagonist chard can be an excellent idea for those wanting something short, ideal to take off on a few kilos in a short time period. This is a regime of three days, with lots of fruits, many vegetables, enough fiber and low in fat, as well as being low calorie. As stated, it is not to extend beyond what is recommended since its name.

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