The best techniques to lose weight

lose weightHypnosis is an alternative therapy that may be you useful for slimming, but who better than an expert as the Dr. Carlos Serrano, to provide you with information complete about hypnosis and how is can influence the behavior of obese people.

Carlos Serrano is not only an expert in hypnosis and its application to health, but also in Neurons Linguistic Programming. Both alternative therapies can help you to lose weight and change the way you relate to food, in pursuit of a better quality of life.Therefore it is very interesting to know in depth all matters relating to hypnosis and its relation to overweight.

1. How to dabble in hypnosis and its applications on health

2. In your experience, what do you that is hidden behind the obesity

3.Behind obesity, apart from habits few healthy and origin behaviors of fat as the sedentary lifestyle and the lack of nutritional intelligence will find what we call Secondary gain or Positive intentions, gains or unconscious benefits that lie behind the symptom.

For example, and only as an example, not wanting to generalize. A person who suffered abuse in childhood had to develop a strong body to be respected and move to its perpetrator, or become a little graceful person to not be attractive to the attacker. Your mind learned that if it fattening, the cause of the danger moved away and therefore generalized this learning.

In the present, before the dangers which arises it, their unconscious processes protect it with obesity because do not know another way to ward off his attackers.

4. Why you think that hypnosis is successful weight loss

5. Because a set of techniques and inductions applies to modify how the person perceives its environment. It is not reality that is hurting that person, it is how it is interpreting. Hypnosis is an excellent tool for access to their unconscious processes. Only accessing your unconscious you can re-design your subjective structure.The huge bulk of the obese eats by Emotional voids, not by physical hunger and diets do not help to solve that empty soul.

6. Do works alone or in conjunction with other health personnel

8. Work in conjunction with other specialists. Human being is an integrated whole by parties. My job is to support a comprehensive work. I help nutritionists to soothe the anxiety of the patient and collapse their compulsions. I help the physical enabler so that your customer generates powerful States of self motivation and passion for the exercise, among other many resources.

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