The 600 calorie daily diet

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The 600 calories a day diet, is a restrictive diet that could be useful to make the body rest and detoxify it, in addition to be an express way to lose some extra pounds or lose accumulated liquid. Therefore, if you are interested in this article you’ll find menu options on 600 calories a day.

Diets could be classified in balanced low-calorie diets or low-calorie restrictive diets. Before looks to go with the menu, it is important to say that this diet is very strict and can be harmful to health, it is not possible to consume fewer calories than those that the body needs to meet their basic needs, and a 600 calorie diet is therefore not advisable to.

600 Calorie diet menu

Options of breakfasts and snacks

1 yogurt skimming with a small grapefruit.

4 thin slices of cheese.

2 thin slices of cheese with 2 thin slices ofTurkey.

50 g low fat mozzarella.

1 yogurt skimming with an orange, tangerine or pear.

1 yogurt skimming with two small plums.

1 cup of fruit salad with a tablespoon of white cheese 0% fat, sweetened with the sweetener.

All of these options accompanied with a cup of coffee or tea cut with nonfat milk.

Lunch and dinner options.

Homemade vegetable stock.

Accompany meats or breaded soy with 1 plate size dessert of raw or cooked vegetables season with a drizzle of olive oil, vinegar or lemon and some salt.

100 g skinless chicken.

1 fillet of grilled fish.

½ Tin of tuna.

1 omelet with cheese low-fat 1 egg more 30 Gr. cheese.

1 hamburger meat home.

100 g of homemade hamburger.

1 soy baked breaded.

Alternatives of collations

1 portion of gelatin light.

A cup of tea or coffee.


It is very important that you take two liters of water per day.It makes mild to moderate physical exercise to avoid feeling too tired or fatigue.Keep in mind that this diet should not perform it by more than 2 to 3 days.

Taking into account these menu options you can choose the option that most suits you and you like, but keep in mind that you can stay hungry and in that case should have on hand an emergency kit. Although it will slightly increase calories burnt, you will reduce your anxiety by eating.

Don’t forget that this restrictive diet can cause tiredness, fatigue, bad mood and reduce your blood pressure, especially if you usually have your low pressure too much. Remember that this diet can be dangerous, so don’t forget to consult your doctor.

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