Surgery for weight loss

lose weightBenefits and adverse effects of the malabsorptive surgery

There are many alternatives to surgical techniques to lose weight, and malabsotiva surgery is one of them.

Therefore, if you are interested to learn about medical treatments to lose weight, don’t miss know how it is and what are its effects on the process of weight loss.

Certain gastric by-pass techniques were the first surgeries malabsotivas that were made for the treatment of morbid obesity. Currently, this type of surgery is not already done. Today there are other modern surgical treatments that replace this type of surgery, such as for example the mastectomy 75% subtotal.

What is the malabsorptive surgery for weight loss

Malabsorptive weight loss surgery is a technique, which produces a partial mastectomy. The aim of this treatment is to slow mix of food and juices bliliopancreaticos, provoking a selective malabsorption for fats and starches.

How does surgery on gastrointestinal malabsorption

This technique stimulates the release of digestive hormones low, whose release causes:

Reduces it gastric emptying.Beyond the digestive effects, this type of surgery causes other positive effects.

What other benefits does it produce

It reduces the load of fatty acid in the liver and muscles, reducing adipose tissue.It improves insulin resistance, decreasing the odds of developing hyperglycemia and diabetes.It reduces cholesterol in the blood, avoiding the emergence of cardiovascular disease.

While these are positive benefits for those who suffer from obesity, since this disease is associated with others, it can also cause adverse effects.

Deficit protein, since they are eliminated by the body.Deficit of fat-soluble vitamins by bowel elimination. This deficit can cause osteomalacia and osteoporosis.

Apart from adverse effects that can cause this type of surgical treatment, this type of surgery is the most commonly used for the treatment of morbid obesity and metabolic complications this disease may cause.

For those who suffer from morbid obesity, life is very difficult, is a disease that affects not only the body but also the spirit. For this reason, this type of surgery can be return to the life of many people.

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