Surgery for weight loss

lose weightOnce you submit a bar Tricia surgery it is necessary that you consider that there are aesthetic options that may help you feel better and more comfortable with your body. Therefore, on this occasion I will refer to what liposuction and what is after surgery for weight loss.

Those who undergo surgery to lose weight often have a body mass index greater than 30 or 40 depending on whether or not they have other complications associated with obesity. Once they have undergone this type of surgery may need other types of surgeries of nature aesthetic, such as for example liposuction, later.

What is liposuction

This surgery has become one of the most common practices within the aesthetic treatments. Even though there are different techniques, such as for example the ultrasonic liposuction, suction-assisted lipoclastic, biolysis and lip sculpture; this technique involves the permanent elimination of subcutaneous fatty tissue. This procedure is performed with the placement of annuals that mechanically remove the adiposities, which are then aspirated by a special mechanism.

What is liposuction after surgery for weight loss

Liposuction after Barbaric Surgery aims to remove the rest of adipose tissue which has not failed to remove either the exercise or diet. On the other hand, it helps to reshape the body.

Although this type of aesthetic treatment can be very useful to shape the figure and improve self esteem that undergo this type of surgery; It is important that you know what are the possible effects of this type of technique.

Risks of liposuction

They can be classified as liposuction risks associated with a pre-existing history and risks of liposuction.

Risks by pre-existing history

Cardiovascular problems.

High blood pressure.


Lung problems.


Consumption of tobacco or alcohol.

Risks of liposuction

Shock by the excessive loss of body fluids.



Embolism by fat.

Damage to the nerves, skin, tissue or organs.

Burns from the heat of the instruments used for liposuction.

Irregular skin especially in elderly patients.

It is important that such treatments are not taken lightly, since they can be very effective, they can also be risky. Therefore, if you take the decision to carry out this kind of practice consultation with a physician.

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