Slimming exercises

exerciesTo achieve this, it is to combine aerobic exercise, in order to reduce the fat, with special exercises, to give tone to the muscles.

For example, if you want to reduce your abdomen and you just only doing abdominal exercises, you will have a hard and strong abdominal muscles, but remain hidden under adipose tissue. In other words, you could not get a narrow waist with just abdominal exercises; you need to also do aerobics.

Burn fat

To remove fatty tissue, cardiovascular aerobic type exercises are very effective, because they raise the number of heartbeat and make your body use the stored fat to produce energy, which helps you to lose weight.

It is possible to burn more fat with long duration aerobic exercise and low intensity, such as cycling, running, swimming or dancing, among others. Experts recommend doing at least three sessions of 20 minutes of aerobic activity a week, but to actually control or lowering the weight, you must make them at least four epochs a week, for 45 minutes both times.

Be sure to choose an exercise that you like and want to, not because you think is the best way to lose weight, but mostly so you can enjoy it, and tries to vary the exercises you practice so you don’t get bored doing the same thing every day.

Strong and firm as you want

In order to increase muscle mass while burning fat, weight training produces excellent results.We recommend doing different exercises to get all your muscles into shape. Advisable exercises include the so-called press for chest, abdominal bends to the muscles of the abdomen and rowing for the arms and back exercises.

Your goal should be to do two or three exercises for each muscle group and exercise each muscle group at least once each week. When you have more experience you can do them two to three times a week.

Although these specific exercises are useful to certain areas of the body shape, remember that the best is to combine them with the are activities bias for best results.

Prepare your routine

When you go to start a new exercise routine, keep in mind the following recommendations:

Start with difficult exercises or do your exercises too quickly, because you can hurt or tired very soon and you will not benefit from them.

Enjoy yourself and have fun. To do this, make sure you choose activities that you enjoy.Always keep a comfortable level of exercise, without increasing intensity until your body adjusts to each new level.

Check among your doctor before preparatory every exercise program, especially if you have issues medical such as high pressure, diabetes, etc.

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