Salad of rice and avocado for hypothyroidism

dietAn easy recipe for hypothyroid who want to be in line

Would you like to look after you well in your meal because you suffer from hypothyroidism? Because then you do not have to follow this simple rice and avocado salad recipe, that will be perfect for your diet. You don’t have more to follow the steps and you can have it in your table promptly.

Hypothyroidism is a problem that directly affects the thyroid gland and resulting in a decrease in the metabolic activity of it. For this, it is that people who suffer from this problem tend to gain weight or costs them one enormity staying in shape. So as give thyroid items that need turns into something fundamental within their daily lives.

This recipe for salad with rice and avocado for hypothyroidism will wonders, since it has fully permitted ingredients, as well as some that are beneficial, by mineral elements that bring you to your thyroid.

You don’t have to follow the steps suggested in the recipe to enjoy it at any time. A wonders as a garnish as well as main dish for a light banquet, for instance.

Recipe details:

Calories per serving: 280

Number of servings: 2

Difficulty: Easy

Preparation time: 30 minutes


A cup of Brown rice

10-15 cherry tomatoes

An avocado or very ripe, not green

Cilantro or parsley

Two small cloves of garlic

A spoonful of olive oil

A lemon or a lime juice

A teaspoon of Spiraling powder

Salt and pepper


Boil the rice until it is about to. Remember that it always takes a little more in making the traditional white rice. Once you are ready, pass it through cold water to make you ready for the salad.Meanwhile, cut the tomatoes in half, pica cilantro and the cloves of garlic and also cut the avocado into chunks.

To dress the salad, you will prepare a mixture of olive oil, lime or lemon juice, the teaspoon of spiraling, salt and pepper. Will you be a green and healthy, dressing with much iodine your thyroid.

It blends well with the salad dressing and enjoy without problems. This recipe makes 2 servings as a major bowl. If you want to use as a decorate, can prepare half and accompany any grilled fish or vegetable hamburger.

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