Reduce toxins to stimulate weight loss

lose weightObesity is an eating disorder whose origin is multicast, but not only these causes should be taken into account at the time of your treatment, but the causes that increase toxins in the body and make you fat. In this way, you can take the bull by the horns, and stimulate weight loss.

Sometimes, weight loss can be more difficult than it already appears that there may be causes that favor the accumulation of toxins in the body, which can prevent that windowsill while you’re doing diet and practicing physical exercise daily.

3 causes that increase the body of toxins and fat

While stress is not a toxic strictly speaking, harms and in many cases prevents the detoxification of the body and therefore may impair your loss of pesos. When you are in distress or harmful stress, the stress hormones are activated.

These are warning signals that prepare the body to defend itself, as if you need to face imminent danger. When this happens, many purifying processes are broken, and give rise to the emergence of diseases such as diabetes, ulcers, migraine headaches, cardiovascular problems and obesity.

Since the Agency does not have sufficient capacity to attack toxins, it weakens and affected all the general State of health. To combat these States of stress is necessary not on demand you meet your obligations, and to please you and that lower your stress daily activities.

You can be a diet, but if you take too much maybe you find it difficult to lose weight; Why? Because alcohol is hepatic and that can lead to fatty liver. If this happens, it would increase fats in the liver and in the body. On the other hand, the liver begins to run poorly and fails to eliminate toxins from the body, which further reduces the odds of losing weight.

Over-consumption of processed foods. Processed foods contain preservatives, dyes and acidifying which, if consumed in excess can cause fluid retention, food allergies and increase of toxins that the body can not metabolize. They accumulate in the body and can reduce the effect of slimming diet and physical exercise.

These causes together with other reasons that prevent you windowsill may be sufficient that you leave your treatment for weight loss, and feel that you have failed in this arduous task which means slimming. For this reason, I invite you to revert this situation and make possible to drink less alcohol, reduce the daily stress and eating more natural and organic foods, free of preservatives, dyes, among other chemicals.

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