Reduce calories in the dishes

lose weightCooking techniques to reduce calories in the dishes: With these tricks you can remove calories dishes and if you exercise or you move you can maintain weight or even lose weight eating.

1. Broth of meat, chicken, etc. Keep it in the fridge and remove the layer of fat that is formed over.

2 Pasta with vegetables. Add vegetables such as mushrooms, peppers, eggplant, etc. instead of the tomato sauce with meat.

3 Pizzas. Replace fatty real mozzarella cheese.

4 Replaced the sausages and meat in general with onion, carrot, leek, celery, mushrooms, artichokes, red pepper, cumin, cove leaf.

5 Replace the potato fries baked or boiled potatoes.

6. Meat grilled burgers. Work them out you with quality meat. Avoid pork and beef fat. Do not abuse the seasoning and sauces. Add onion, grated carrot and bell pepper.

7 Paellas. It controls and reduces the amount of oil . Fry lightly; do not abuse stock cubes, used as ingredients vegetables.

8 Flan. To make custards use skimmed milk and a little sugar.

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