Raw soup to debug the fatty liver

diet tipsA recipe with tomato, lemon and other good for the liver:

Raw or raw vegan diet recipes will wonders for those with fatty liver. Why? Give this body the nutrients it needs and in its purest, helping it to function better.

And much more if you have tomatoes, lemon, broccoli and other ingredients listed in this raw soup.

Have you heard lately of the raw diet or raw

While it is not for everyone, this type of diet hasn’t done more to reveal the great benefits which give the raw food, in its natural state, the Agency.

This diet is recommended especially for those with fatty liver, it’s full of ingredients that will help to debug it and work together to make it work better. For this reason, nothing better that a recipe inspired by the raw or raw vegan cuisine, and that you fill with nutrients at any time of the day. It’s a raw vegetable soup, neither more nor less. Don’t miss to try and see the rich that is!

Recipe details:

Calories per serving: 185

Difficulty: Easy

Preparation time: 10 minutes


A liter of water

A tomato

A red pepper

A Zucchini

A cucumber

Two cloves of garlic

A small red onion

A piece of ginger

A bit of broccoli

The juice of a lemon

Two teaspoons of Spiraling

A pinch of sea salt


It has absolutely no mystery this very simple raw soup preparation. You simply wash the vegetables thoroughly, remove imperfections to the vegetables and cut into pieces.Place them in the jar assay together with water, spiraling, and lemon juice. If want you, also a little salt to enhance the flavors.

Process all ingredients until you have the consistency of a cold soup, with lots of color of vegetables left. If you saw that you are very thick, add water. If it is too wet, add more vegetables.

Eat this soup it is. You will see that it is not only perfect for cleaning your liver, but also to help you lose weight and many other issues related to your body.

In what benefits you a raw diet when you suffer from fatty liver

The raw food diet or raw vegan diet is increasingly in vogue in the whole world, not only for ethical reasons, but also by maximum achievement given the nutrients that come from plants. The vast majority of people that it has adopted no have only to dramatically lose weight, but it feel much better in General, brimming with energy lines.

The situation of statuses or fatty liver is closely linked with obesity and poor nutrition. A raw diet greatly help clean it, while you put your situation with the scale and also filled your body of nutrients. Does not need to be your diet completely raw, but it is likely that you will feel better increases in the percentage of food raw.

If you want to see an example clear of the raw diet is completely viable, don’t read this interview with Irene good, an athlete of high competition, it maintains a completely raw vegan regimen.

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