Properties of green tea to lose pounds

lose weightDo you know how you have to take and prepare green slimming tea? This article will explain you all about, so you can enjoy this masterful infusion to its fullest extent, it is ideal to help you lose weight. Don’t miss to read the note!

Green tea it has become one of the top allies for health in recent times, of that there is no doubt. One of the properties by which has become what it is, is because it is good for weight loss. Green tea is an agent of Thermo genesis, commonly referred to as burning fat. In addition, it is a tremendous antioxidant, it is diuretic and so many other things than make not to drink it is almost a completely avoidable sin.

For this reason, you do not have more than begin to prepare more followed and incorporate it into your diet without any fear. But attention, before keep in mind some tips that will facilitate you quite the issue and make that take advantage of the properties of green tea to the maximum.

Be sure to follow these tips.

Some keys to green tea for weight loss:

Should not be abusing the heat to prepare it: To prepare a perfect green tea, you have to try infusionarlo for no longer than three minutes and with the temperature of the water at about 75-80 degrees. Green tea in water boiling rusts gets sourer and not working in the best way.

Can prepare tea for the rest of the day: It calculates a spoonful of strands of tea per cup of water, approximately, respecting previous recommendations. You can get a liter or more and save it in a jar. You warm it or drink it cold. That Yes that is for the day, because to be something cool it loses its properties with the passage of time.

┬áCan be taken in tablets: For those who don’t like tea green or simply prefer to opt for another format for weight loss, feel free to try it in tablet form. Infusion like whom and most natural things can pass long and follow with thing of every day.

Can be taken in smoothies and mixed with fruit: Green tea cold is wonderful mixed with fruit juices that may also help you to lose weight. Lemon, passion fruit, melon, Apple. All these fruits and more combined well with green tea. Try also in rich shakes, like this of cucumber to deflate the belly.

Should be taken with a reasonable time after meals: Green tea may hinder the absorption of iron from food. This is due to the tannins that this beverage contains. But that can be solved by drinking it one hour before or one hour after meals.

Should not take hypertensive subjects: Unfortunately, those who have high pressure should refrain from green tea, since it contains caffeine. Same any person having irritability towards such a substance. Just in case, always meet the rest of the contraindications of green tea.

If you can drink it, do it several times a day: Green tea makes a good effect for weight loss when you consume it on a regular basis and in good quantities. A liter a day, at least, is a good measure to start drinking this delicious infusion slimming purposes.

Forget the teabags and buy one good quality: While pods or tea bags are practical, many are of very poor quality and bring little recommended fluoride levels. For this reason, nothing like buying strands of green tea, which are not so expensive and are available in health food stores. Your health and the quality of the products that you consume should be first.

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