Professions that make you fat

lose weightThere are certain works that have a negative influence on the organism and which predispose to weight gain, among other health problems as it is to spend many hours standing or be too many hours sitting.

According to an American study, 50 percent of those who work on issues related to computer science in the United States have increased weight. Another of the affected professions is official since 52 percent of those who work for public administration have also been overweight.

In actuality all action that you command many hours in a same position and to contribute to sedentary are harmful not only because it is true that generate overweight, but are also harmful to the circulation, favor contractual and poor posture.

View is exposed to excessive overexposure and if there are many working hours, the consequences increase, explains Raquel Vidal Comas Spanish family medicine specialist.

Professions most fattening

1. Those related to computer science and technology.

2. Secretaries.

3. Officials.

4. Hairdressers.

5. Waiters.

6. Telemarketers.

7. Drivers.

8. Supermarket cashiers.

9. Bank employees.

Those who engage in these activities should be combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Jogging, going away to the fitness center and do palates or swimming are very beneficial activities to counteract the negative effects of this type of work that long term pass bill to the body, says specialist. Overweight in people who develop these activities is guaranteed that what you eat does not burn due to the sedentary lifestyle that requires the presentation of the exertion. Therefore, it is very vital to regard as what one eats and if it more advisable to you exceed the amount of calories is the practice of any sport at least three times a week to facilitate the Elimination of the extra kilos and above all to maintain health since these professions are not only hindered by an increase in weight but by other health problems than long-term, can lead to serious disorders, alleges Vidal commas.

Tips to keep in mind to not gain weight

1. If you work long hours at a computer, we must get up every half hour, rest the view and walk to thus relax the joints and may circular blood normally.

2. If you are long standing, opposite exercise benefit the body tired by such activity. It is ideal to rest five minutes every half hour to avoid pain in the joints. A brief massage greatly alleviate accumulated tensions.

3. You must be sure to wear the right footwear if you have to spend many hours standing.

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