Potato diet

diet tipsPotato diet

You can exchange the lunch and dinner and keep in mind that lots of potato will be 200 to 250grs. After the diet of the Pope, it is convenient to use a personalized diet balanced. Remember to drink eight glasses of water a day and do some physical activity.

Breakfast, lunch and the average intake tomorrow do not vary and these are:

Breakfast: coffee or tea with nonfat milk and a slice of whole wheat bread greased with white cheese-cut.

Mid morning: A yogurt.

Snack: A yogurt or fruit juice and an Apple.

Day 1

Lunch: chicken with potatoes.

Dinner: salad of red peppers and potatoes.

Day 2

Lunch: baked tortilla.

Dinner: fish and baked potatoes.

Day 3

Lunch: potatoes with green peas and I watercress.

Dinner: salad of potatoes, radish and mushrooms flavored with lemon juice and olive oil.

Day 4

Lunch: potatoes with salmon.

Dinner: salad of potatoes, celery and chicken.

Day 5

Lunch: vaccine lean meat with potatoes.

Dinner: salad of potatoes and peppers and a yogurt.

Day 6

Lunch: French fries or baked.

Dinner: fish with a potato boiled.

Day 7

Lunch: baked potato.

Dinner: tuna with potatoes natural.

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