New alternative for weight loss without surgery

lose weightNew intestinal device that reduces the absorption of nutrients.The scourge of obesity is so important that physicians and scientists are looking for new alternatives of treatment for morbid obesity. This is how scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, have developed a new alternative for weight loss without surgery.

This treatment is known with the name of Metabolized.Doctors of the Hassan University Medical Centering have worked for more than one year to design a prototype that will help many obese to lose weight, without having to undergo barbaric surgery.

What is this method

This technique, known as Metabolized is to introduce, cosmetically, a plastic in the duodenum device. Local anesthesia, unlike that Barbaric Surgery you need for total or general anesthesia is used for placement.

Apparently this method reduces the absorption of food at the intestinal level, decreasing the flow of fats and sugars to the body. The objective was to design a technique that will prevent the absorption of certain nutrients, without damaging the intestinal mucous.

One advantage that presents this plastic device is that not moving despite the natural Peristaltic waves of the intestine. Another of the benefits presented by this method is that it would avoid many of the risks and complications of Barbaric Surgery.

It is important to remember that Barbaric Surgery is today one of the few options that have people with morbid obesity for, not only to lose weight but to improve health and improve the quality of life of sufferers.

Will take approximately 5 years that this prototype is within reach of the hand, those who need to lose much weight and can not do it only with diet and exercise.

Obesity has become a global epidemic, and is much more than an aesthetic problem. Those who have reached this situation of morbid obesity they need special treatments that allow them to increase their life expectancy and have a better quality of life.

Therefore, it is very good news know what will soon be a new alternative for those who need to lose weight and cannot be achieved with conventional treatments.

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