Natural supplements for slimming and toning

slimWould you like to lose weight doing exercises? Would you like to achieve your mission carrying a super healthy and natural diet? This interview with Irene good then is for you. Expert fitness and nutrition, will you have what natural supplements you can consume to be full of energy and, in addition, to burn those extra pounds.

Surely you know Irene Buenos for the interview that you’ve already read in these same pages, where he said very interesting things about diet raw vegan. This young man, who feed naturally is specialist in fitness and nutrition, combines a rather complicated aspect, at least for ordinary people: a diet without animal protein and, even so, show full and be an athlete of high level.

Already at that time it had counted using many natural supplements to keep in shape and full of energy, with a view to practical exercises. Then, why not know more about sports and nutritional secrets? Surely, all what counts in this note you may be very interesting, especially if you want to be in shape, but without having to resort to food of animal origin, artificial supplements or other things that you depart from your nature center.

1. What natural supplements recommend to people who want to be full of energy to perform exercises to lose weight without diet is compromised?

To have more energy for exercise and also, losing weight, it is best to train on an empty stomach. This may be on an empty stomach in the morning, either just before eating or just before dinner. I personally recommend physical activity always throughout the morning. This causes the body to have all its available energy to devote to the exercise and on the other hand, makes that in the absence of available glucose’s last meal, the body goes precisely to draw energy from our warehouses. In other words, everything that accumulates in adipose tissue. Lipid metabolism, through which the body transforms our fat into energy, is thus activated.

If you think that you will find it difficult to train in fasting you can take an hour or two before exercising some watery fruit, a smoothie, and juice. In case of not having time to prepare juices, smoothies or eat I would recommend taking water with wheatgrass, fruit, a super food natural that in addition to pursing energy and all the essential amino acids, it is very purifying by its high chlorophyll content.

1. Foods consumed as such can also operate in this sense

2. Fruit juices, liquefied vegetables, watery fruit. In general the seasonal fruit. Despite what we have told sugar fruit, whenever it takes single and well combined, provides us with pure energy, and also robs us a minimum expenditure for digestion and leaves no residue in our body, as other foods.

In concrete fruits acid and semi-acid, since it has a lower glycolic index, they also promote weight loss. The kiwis, strawberries, or citrus fruits like oranges provide us with lots of energy, are highly purifying and also strengthen our immune system.

1. Which of these supplements can be implemented well to help burn fat

2. To burn fat, I would apply three strategies:

Let fat accumulate, because but nothing of what we do will not make sense. This implies not taking fat cooked or warmed, or of animal origin.

Take healthy fats, but properly measured and well combined. That is, be not eating fatty foods several times a day, but only once a day, for example at night. The rest of the day can take foods that give you energy. Fat it takes much to digest, so it is better to leave it for the night. There you can eat an avocado, first press cold, seeds and nuts oils. And well combined means that fat should be taken together with vegetables, vegetables. But never with dense as cereals, legumes, has sweet fruited foods

 Use natural strips, my three like me especially: the smoothies with cucumber and celery. Another is the pineapple, it is an excellent burner, especially for cellulite. Finally, great Canary seed milk, which contains enzyme lipase and helps metabolize fats as a source of energy.

1. And to gain muscle tone?

2. To gain muscle tone, the first thing that must be done is to work the muscle properly. Second, keep a clean feed, which is not dirty our body, because this creates fluid retention and toxic accumulation in lipid tissue. And now finally keep a right balance between carbohydrates, fats and proteins. But that are of quality.

The best ratio to ensure a good tone would be 80 percent of our calories coming from carbohydrates, 10 percent of our calories from fats and 10 percent of our calories from proteins, including fruits and vegetables.

Do not need as much protein, even to create muscle or keep it toned, moreover, excess protein can do much harm to health. A from there, foods that contain all the essential amino acids: quinoa, amaranth, Spirulina, chia seeds, seeds of hemp, wheat grass, banana, almond, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. We can also find super foods specific as maca, or the hemp protein that we can serve as extra to create muscle and as natural Anabolics without risk or side effects.

As you’ve seen, once more Good Irene has shown you what can be achieved with a completely natural food. Energy that will give you these foods, surely does not give you anything.

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