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weight loseBefore seeking advice to lose weight, consider some falsehoods about:

1. Because of the genetics’ overweight and I can not get off.

Fatness does not come from genes. There are many families with overweight, but that does not mean you have it Thing. There are many cases of people overcome their genetic problem and increases your chances of losing weight fast.

Just watch the testimonies abound and weight loss tips that these people can give you, you will see that it can overcome the genetic.

Want to know a secret? Your genes do not control your weight; your lifestyle is who controls it. The kinds of lifestyle you wear make you an overweight person or a person provided by weight.

2. I can not lose weight fast because as much.

One of the reasons for overeating is stress. A worried, anxious, depressed, nervous, scared, sad, person eats frequently. This happens because when you walk very stressed , stress hormones are triggered and gives you very hungry, especially you feel like eating sweet and fatty things, this is because our stress hormones are made of that and our body needs more fat and sugar to create more stress hormones. It’s a vicious circle difficult to break.

This common problem is solved in a very simple way: controlling stress. Managing stress, we have a very easy way to lose weight without the need for physical exertion.

3. Popular diets help maintain the weight permanently.

These types of diets work in the short term. Most people who practice these diets, they return to their original weight within the next 5 years. The worst is that you’ll lose muscle mass so that when they return to regain his former weight, shall recovering pure fat. Think about this for a moment: Why are there many more popular diets for weight loss but there are more obese people every day?

A method for weight loss is a diet that works and easy to follow. Well you have to have a simple method that will make you lose weight without losing muscle or water and repeat this program again and again throughout your life!

4. I do not have time to prepare healthy menus or for training.

When you receive the tips to lose weight, you have to dedicate time to yourself. Workouts for 30 to 35 minutes a day and 3 times a week is enough for your health, especially for fat burning. And the menus for weight loss really does not take away more than 5 minutes to prepare.

5. Abdominal exercises will help me lose fat in the abdomen.

There are many sophisticated devices to lose fat in the abdominal area. This can be seen on TV, magazines, etc. These exercises do not help burn fat; develop muscle just below the fat pushing out.

Exercises should be complete for the whole body rather than focusing on the abdominals.

6. I have to forget my favorite foods to lose weight.

Eat all your favorite foods while losing weight is what many seek. Well, in the weight loss tips that I give you, you will see that this really is possible when you do it at the right time.

7. I’m overweight because I my thyroid slow my metabolism.

Thyroid problems are seldom presented. And when there occur especially in women. Your thyroid is the main control tower of your metabolism. If uncontrolled, your body stops almost completely and can quickly ruin all your efforts to lose weight.

So how do you lose weight if I have hypothyroidism? The secret is to correctly choose the food and eliminate toxins from your body.

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