Less than 800 calories alters metabolism

dietTo lose weight you can perform all types of diets, both balanced diets and restrictive diets. Within this last group is the 800 calorie diet, but before I order it would be important that you wonder why you can not eat less than 800 calories a day, that alters the metabolism.

Restrictive diets are very tempting because they promise to lose weight very quickly. However, it is important that you have in mind that it is not always possible to perform them, especially when it’s less than 800 calories a day.

The answer to this question is much easier than you think. It is not possible to consume less than 800 calories a day, because so that your body function properly needs more than that amount to meet all your bodily functions and all of your daily activities.

So you can understand more in detail, you will explain why the body needs calories to function and many needs least organic performance will not suffer.

The body needs nutrients to function properly, and from them are obtained calories or energy that the body needs, until when the body is at rest need an amount of calories minimum to keep the body in that State. To this it is known as the Basal Metabolic rate. Not everyone needs the same TMB, since this will depend on your body surface, represented by the weight and the height; as well as your age.

Is to say that even when at rest without doing any physical activity you need an amount of calories to meet physiological functions, such as for example breathe. This basal metabolic expenditure can be calculated through the formula that you find below.

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