Keep a diary of what you eat slimming

slimA study conduct in the United States indicate that keep track daily of what we eat can make us lose weight twice during a diet, being more aware of what you actually eat throughout the day.

The study carried out by the Center of research of the health Kaiser Permanent, Portland, United States, and published in American Journal of Preventive Medicine was carried out during six months in 1,700 participants who followed a diet rich in vegetables and low in fat, in addition to daily half hour of exercise.

The average weight lost during the mentioned period was 5.9 kilos, but was a big difference between daily which pointed the ingested and those who did not: the first lost up to twice the weight.

Jack Hollis, responsible for the research, adds that many more records of food included in the daily, they lost more weight.

The reasons for this behavior could be several. On the one hand, Keith Bachman, another of those responsible for the mentioned research center, points out that record what you eat makes us aware of our habits and thinks that it is possible to change them.

Because it is frequently the case that we eat more than we think, especially between the hours. You are aware of what appears on the top of the dish, but that pair of cookies man through the kitchen or those small pieces of cheese eaten absentmindedly while we cook weighs in our stomach, but not perhaps in our brain. At lunchtime, we do it as if we were in fasting without being true.

It could be an effect similar to the already known and proved less if you eat eats slowly, because it is more aware of that we are quenching. Aiming carefully swallowed, including these small gifts we, makes us more aware of what we have eaten at the end of the day.

Another possibility is the influence that can have on our behavior the fact to show our achievements and failures of others, since the participants had, not only to sign everything what they ate, but also show it to the other participants in the weekly meetings of support.

This study is one example of the importance of the psychological weight control. Issues such as establish objectives, control them, show our successes to others and try to change habits are fundamental when it comes to weight loss. Not everything is medication, hormones and calculation of calories.

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