Increases your metabolism eating

lose weightPerhaps tell you that eating will help you increase your metabolism, burn calories and lose weight may seem contradictory, but it is so. If you want to know why, do not miss this article.

One of the goals to achieve weight loss is to increase metabolism. This process is fundamental to burn fat. Although you can increase the metabolism with exercise, eating also achieved.

Why eat helps you burn calories

For all your life, such as for example sleep, breathing and eating processes need glucose or energy so that your body can perform them correctly. For this reason, while you eat you’re using energy from, firstly of the sugars circulating after fats deposited in the body, and finally proteins.

All digestive processes, from chewing up to waste disposal involves an expenditure of energy, you can get to increase your metabolism and burn calories.

Therefore, 6 meals a day is recommended for weight loss. If you eat every 2 or 3 hours your body needs more energy for the processing of the food you eat. But eye because it is important to have this quality of food you eat.

Why is it important to choose foods to consume

It is not the same as to consume a fruit than a bun or snacks. Not only because of its content in calories, but because of their chemical composition. The fruit contains fiber will stay longer in the stomach to digest it properly, whereupon it will spend more energy.

If you add to this that fruits generally provide few calories, you end up spending more calories in the digestive process, than the calories provided by this food. To this it is known as negative calorie.

Now, eat helps you to lose weight if you correctly choose foods that you consume. Therefore, the collations that are suggested to consume media morning and mid-afternoon are fruits, vegetables, cheese low fat, dried fruit or hard boiled egg. All food that while they provide calories, burn more digesting them.It is important to clarify that the same calories are not spent digesting fats, proteins or sugars.

Of the total calories eaten with fat, 2.5% are burned to digest.

Of the total calories eaten with carbohydrates, 7% are burned to be digested.

Of the total calories eaten with protein, your body spends 27% of the total calories that provide your digestion.

Unlike what many believe, not eat gain weight. Why? As well, the Agency not to receive energy from foods reduces their metabolism to compensate for this lack of energy. So it starts to save energy, decreasing the basal metabolic rate. It is to say that if you don’t eat or spend many hours without eating, your body spends less energy than if you eat every 4-6 hours.

Remember that if you want to lose weight, it is best done through a balanced diet that is evenly distributed throughout the day in several meals. If you add physical exercise, increase your metabolic rate and lose weight.

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