How to prevent cellulite

exerciesThere are figures of common events which can prevent and reduce the development of cellulite:

Water: take at least ten glasses of water or juices per day.

Contraceptives: the employ of birth manage pills is restricted.

Physical activity: Although the exercise per is not cure cellulite, is possible improve circulation in the legs, as well as increase oxygenation.Recommended walks to quick step, at least 30 minutes, twice a day.

Toxins: is important to eliminate the consumption of toxic, so it is recommended to avoid cigarette, coffee, sausages, canned, soft drinks and foods containing preservatives and chemicals, such as monodist amalgamate. Alcohol should be restricted.

Clothing: clothing should not interfere with the circulation, so it is advisable not to use narrow pants, girdles, or leagues, as well as it is necessary to avoid taco high shoes, since they prevent foot to does its normal work of pumping of venous blood to the heart.

Power: if you have not indicated the use of a slimming regime, it is recommended that the diet is low in fat and rich in green vegetables, calciferous and natural fruits. If there is obesity, it will be important to achieve an adequate weight through diets with low calories and physical activity. You should avoid the consumption of fat, salt, sugar, mayonnaise, and desserts.

Sun: the Sun produces damage elastic fibers of the skin, sometimes irreversibly, determining a premature aging and the worsening of the appearance of orange peel.

Sweat: the Elimination of toxins through the skin in the form of sweat can be stimulated, for example, with sauna baths.

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