How to prepare a lemonade detox diet

dietWater, lemon, cucumber and other elements to purify your body

The word detox is a term that has become quite popular lately among people who want to lose weight. And, above all, among those pointing to purify the body, eliminate toxins and, more than anything, want to take off some pounds with natural habits. To them, this lemonade detox with Mint, cucumber and other ingredients will come you of wonders.

Surely you’ve heard talk detox preparations. A smoothie, a salad, a home remedy or a simple juice or drink, is a conglomerate of natural ingredients that tends to leave your body free of toxins. Usually have diuretic, purifying, but also detoxifying and metabolic effects.

Then, to what to drink something that detox is? Well, first of all, to purify your body and release toxins, while you lose weight through properties that have their ingredients.

Usually, tend to have some presence of citrus fruit, of any grass and also certain vegetables. This proposal in particular has it all: pure water, fresh mint, spicy ginger, watery cucumber and even a hint of celery.

Preparation and consumption:

Bring to a boil a liter of water with half of the Mint and Ginger die. No sooner boil, turn off the heat, cover and let cool. Strain the preparation.

It passes through a juice extractor, cucumber and celery stalk. It is mixed with infusion of mint and ginger. If you do not had this device, can make a Smoothie with them.

Put on the one jug abundant ice, the rest of the Mint, the juice of the lemons most other liquids. It blends well.Consumed at any time of the day. You can start from the morning and continue in the afternoon, use it to accompany meals or as you prefer.It is a very refreshing drink, which is great for the summer, but that you can serve to detoxify yourself at any time of the year.

This lemonade is a good effect detox

The lemon is a fruit antioxidant and a great capacity to help the body combat the toxins. It is one of the fruit detox by nature and not could miss a drink like this.

The Mint is not only fresh and doing very well in these drinks, but that it has a great diuretic effect. Urination is crucial to eliminate toxins, also fats and fluids withheld.

The ginger helps to shoot the metabolism, at the same time it is also cleaner. If you also have some bacteria or something like spinning, it will also help to remove it. A great natural ally

Cucumber is one of diuretics and detox by nature. In addition, it provides fiber and mild laxative properties. A great complement that also will give you an interesting flavor to this slimming lemonade.

Any other similar drink that could be prepared with detox effect

If you want, here are two excellent options. One of them is a Smoothie detox green tea and aloe Vera, very good to clean belly. This cucumber and Basil will also bring you freshness and cleanness. But either forget to know these tricks detox to lose weight, which are always an excellent complement in diet to purify your body.

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