Herbal flanked by 3 or 4 kilos.

lose weightWe chose a protein weight loss diets Siken Diet because it has prepared and precooked enriched in protein and low in calories. This way, you can lose weight without starving.

Several dishes that make up the diet to lose weight: cheese omelet or herbs, cream of chicken or vegetables, pasta, cereal, crackers or Minicak and of course bars, shakes and even lemon mousse dessert or chocolate.

Easy weight loss diets it is a diet for weight loss of 3-7 kilos without starving. Moreover, you can enjoy both sweet and savory meals and mouth watering flavors. It’s easy and simple to cook, since for some recipes just need hot water.


Lose kilos effortlessly because deglazes without starving. No upsets the metabolism and the yo-yo effect exists after diet.

The slimming process

The early days

Diet proposes a first initial phase of three days in which you have to take five Sicken Diet prepared daily: breakfast, lunch and dinner, mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Combine with vegetables, salad, yogurt and white cheese.

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