Healthy foods that can make you gain weight

lose weightNot all foods are as light as they say so

Are you an amateur to buy the promoted product as healthy that is going around? Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you should have a little more care. It is that many of these products, in fact hide a completely different thing. Knows some ‘healthy’ foods that can actually make you gain weight.

The world of advertising and marketing are decidedly voracious when it comes to trying to capture public. And when it comes to lose weight, so much more. The obsession that has the common people with their image and their desire to feel good is known. So as profit comes to intervene in the matter and anything can be sold as light or healthy, when in fact far from it.

This is the case of a lot of products that are sold as supposedly energy, healthy, light and much more. But once you read the nutritional information of their respective containers, you find that you are quite the opposite. By dint of advertising, people often believe that they are effective in the diet, and even reaches even abuse them for these reasons. Although, the truth, nothing better than taking them away. For this reason, you must know some foods that promise to be good, but in reality are not for your diet.

Isotopic drinks:

The drinks that tend to promote then do sport or to nourish you during practical exercises can go well since they supplement to the body of salts and other elements that are lost through sweat and effort. But, it is very common that contain sugar, corn syrup high fructose and other undesirable if you’re diet. Nothing better than water or a good drink isotopic home if you want to lose weight and are well spare your energy.

Cereal bars:

Another of the large panaceas that usually sell the food industry. Many of them are filled with sugar, corn syrup of high-fructose, fats, preservatives and others. Obviously, there are healthy choices, but you have to look for them well. Don’t be fooled with his promotion of low-calorie, because yes, perhaps they do, but not at any cost. The same seems to happen with certain granola.

 Tea in bottles:

It is very common for tea in bottles to be promoted as a healthy choice. Clear, green tea, especially, is fashionable because it helps to lose weight. But, do those quantities of sugar that come in the most popular brands? They will do anything but help you lose weight. Prepare your tea at home and take it with you to work or walk if you like to drink it cold.

Industrial fruit juice:

Juice of the fruit in question that have less often. If you look carefully at the composition, likely to not even get to 10 per cent. Even in those who promise to be 100 per cent natural juice, the issue is at least doubtful, as added sugars, preservatives and other. Prepare your own fruit juices or buy organic juices. They are more expensive, but worth it, since they are much more healthy, rich and free of sugar or preservatives.

For this reason, nothing better to stick to foods, which know their origin or which you have prepared in your own home. Event that you don’t have time, always read the nutritional details of products. It is obligatory to put amounts of fats, sugars, calories and others. It is a very healthy habit that will help you know what you’re eating in an effective manner.

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