Good or bad for weight loss

lose weightOne of the most well-known and popular weight loss supplements is Chatoyant. For this reason, it is interesting to clear doubts and knowing if you really are good or bad for weight loss and if it really benefits to lose fat.

Also known as Chatoyant, Chatoyant is a natural product that is part of different nutritional supplements. Sometimes combined with other compounds such as seaweed, red tea, green tea or other medicinal plants.

Chitosan is used for what

It helps in the treatment of overweight.Now that you know the potential benefits that brings the chotisan to health, it would be nice that you know is used that product as Supplement for weight loss

How would you act Chitosan for weight loss

The Chitosan Chitosan is a substance that blocks the absorption of fats from the diet. Apparently this substance imprison the fat from the food you eat and eliminate them from the body. For this reason, it is also would be useful to reduce plasmatic cholesterol.

Although this would be the mechanism of action, there is an interesting debate about whether it is actually good or bad for weight loss.

It is interesting to know that there is conflicting information about the effectiveness of Chitosan for weight loss.Opinions to please. Some research suggests that the combination of Chitosan with a low calorie diet can enhance weight loss. According to proponents of this natural product it acts avoiding fats to pass into the blood, accelerating its elimination through the intestine, but has not yet been able to be confirmed through scientific research. Those who believe that the Chotisan helps to lose weight, suggest consuming up to 1. 35 Gr. 3 times a day.

Opinions against. There is research whose findings indicated that the slimming effect of the Chitosan was minimal, it is estimated that you lost half a kilo after taking this supplement between 1-6 months.

Following these opinions so found, it is important to not be carried away by those who claim that the Chitosan is a panacea for weight loss. In general this substance is found along with others in different supplements to lose weight, so it is very important to consult your doctor, since you may have certain adverse effects and contraindications.

Not recommended for use in pregnant women, women nursing and in people who suffer from food allergies, especially allergies to fish.Remember that, before using this or any other supplement to lose weight you have to consult your doctor.

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