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To get in shape not many studies or very complex exercises needed us because you just have to follow a series of tips or basic tips. A good diet, prudence, constancy and rest are some basic tips for getting fit.

Little by little

If you are beginning an exercise routine to keep fit, it is better that the difficulty of the exercise you choose is gradual, since your muscles are not ready to do more physical activity than you did before. One of the secrets to success in the physical training is moderately increase activity, in this way, your body will become accustomed to the movement and you will avoid having those annoying muscle aches.

Eat according to your needs

Remember that the ideal combination to keep fit is to make a diet balanced with exercise. When you exercise your body uses more energy, so you need to eat properly to prevent malnutrition to reach. Balancing your diet so that you have sufficient intake of grains, fruits and vegetables, and distribute them in 4 or 5 meals a day, thus guaranteeing that besides being in shape, your health will be also ideal. You don’t know what an ideal diet for you.

Do not run away from difficult exercises

The exercises that have greater difficulty are good for your health, so if you already take some time exercising, and not avoid them. Although it may seem easier to do an activity in which you only move the arms, is good to find exercises that allow you to exercise more parts of your body at the same time, so you can exercise more muscle in less time and will use even more time that you invest in the gym.

While longer, better

When you exercise, your body first uses carbohydrates reserves as a source of energy, but after about half an hour to exercise consistently, it begins to use the fat as energy source, i.e. burn the fat. While you duress at the gym after half an hour, will be time dedicated to gradually get rid of the fat that you left and also strengthen your muscle. This is one of the majority main tips.

Get ready for the exercise

Before starting any exercise, it is best you do warm-up and stretch. The best way to do this is to start with ten minutes from treadmill or stationary bike, this way to avoid injuries as you go your body temperature before moving on to a more intense activity. Equally, at the end of the training, it is important that you stretch the muscles to relax them and avoid that they hurt you.

Rest is basic

This is one of the basic tips regain energy is as important as training, especially if you lift weights. Your muscles need to return to your place to start all over again. If you’re a beginner, it is best that you start with three or four sessions a week. If you’re doing a routine of weightlifting, not training the same muscle group for consecutive days and not train a muscle that hurts you that pain is caused by lactic acid in your muscles and this takes 2 days on absorbed and disappears completely. If you exercise a sore muscle, you will suffer a bit in vain.

Different exercises

Your body responds to changes, so that you must vary the exercises that you do, both in quality and quantity. If you repeat the same routine over and over again, probably your body to adjust and your effort is not so rewarded. There are plenty of exercises, and if you go to a gym you can take different classes or do cardiovascular exercises on different devices, will be more effective and more fun.

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