Foods to build muscle and lose fat

slim10 foods for body shaping

While exercise is fundamental build muscle and lose fat, certain foods can help you supplement this physical activity and body shaping. To achieve this, you never know at least 10 foods with these properties.

To model your body it is necessary physical activity and diet, and more if you want to lose fat and muscles form. On this occasion I will concentrate in the diet, so you must know which foods include.

10 foods to build muscle and lose fat

Linen or flax seeds. Flax seeds contain protein, fiber and fatty acids of good quality which you can obtain energy slowly. As well as increase your muscle mass.

Mixed nuts. Nuts provide fiber that promotes cleansing of the body, and which provides energy. Moreover provides protein and fats omega 3 and omega 6 fatty. All these compounds promote the formation of muscle and help reduce adipose tissue.

Quinoa. Quinoa is a grain that is very rich in protein and energy. These features are ideal for a diet that requires energy for physical exercise and at the same time shape the body.

Fish. Fish is a food rich in proteins of good quality since they are of animal origin. On the other hand, this meat has a low concentration of saturated fat and a high amount of omega-3 and omega-6. All these compounds are ideal for diets periphrastic that it encourages combustion of fats, but at the same time increasing muscle mass.

Chicken or Turkey. Meat chicken or Turkey provides high protein and low in saturated fats. This meat is also ideal to add to a diet that will help to replace fat with muscle tissue.

Orange: Orange for its high vitamin C content, it has a high antioxidant power that allows you to burn fat faster and lose weight.

Apple. Apple, especially if you have your shell or skin, is not only a fruit low in calories, but it brings pectin to increase satiety and removes the hunger.

Tomato. The tomato is a vegetable that provides vitamins, potassium and lycopene. All these nutrients help to lose weight in different ways, that coupled with exercise you will help increase muscle tissue.

Water. Water is essential to lose weight and regain muscle tissue. For this reason, it is essential to drink water before, throughout and following exercise.

Spinach. These vegetables as well as being rich in fiber which cleanses the body, it is rich in minerals which improve the formation and repair of muscle tissue.

All these foods are easy to get and consume. Therefore, if you are seeking to lose weight and increase your muscle mass you don’t add these foods to your daily menu.

Remember to complement the consumption of these foods with specific physical exercises.

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