Fifteen days diets to lose weight

dietOne of the most recurrent questions is how many kilos you can lose by such or which diet. Therefore, this time you provide information how many kilos lose if you do the diet for 15 days.


When you begin a diet are many questions and doubts that they arise, one of them is how many kilos can lose, especially if it’s a quick diet, as for example a 15 day diet.

Before answering this difficulty, it is major to have obtainable that there are diverse factors that influence weight loss.Factors that influence when it comes to weight loss.

It is not the same to lose weight than 20 to 50. Why? Because as you grow up in age the metabolism slows. Therefore, if you are an adult it is important to take certain measures to increase the metabolic expenditure.

Genetic. Inheritance is an important factor since there are hereditary dysfunctions that can decrease the metabolism or cause other problems that affect the weight.Physical activity. Increasing physical activity or their reduction will surely influence body weight.

Metabolic diseases: different metabolic diseases, such as e.g. hypothyroidism that slows down your metabolism exist.These are some of the most common factors and that will include about weight loss, when it comes to dieting.Now, how many kilos you can lose with the 15 day diet?

This diet is an example of balanced diet, whose goal is to lose weight progressively. For this reason, the weight expected for that Miss in two weeks is around 2 kilos.

If this diet you repeat it for 15 days, you can lose between 3 to 4 kilos. This will depend on the factors I mentioned above. But you must also keep in mind that in the early days of dieting you will lose weight faster because you lose more liquid. After that, weight loss is slower since you begin to lose fat, and this is where you need to increase the metabolism. For which, nothing better to increase physical activity and have crafted a series of tricks to achieve this.


In conclusion, making the 15 day diet you can lose around 2 kilos, if you increase physical activity you can lose more weight. But remember that, it is lost is mostly in the form of liquids.

Keep in mind that it is always better that a health professional, either a nutritionist or a doctor assess your progress so that you are sure that you are on the right track.

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