Exercises to lose weight

exerciesLose weight and walk

1. Start with 20 minutes the first week. Increases ten minutes each week until you reach a time each day.

2. Start each session with 5 minutes of stretching and walking 5 minutes very slowly. At the end again 5 minutes of muscle stretching.

3. Do it everyday rest one a week. Consistency is essential for results. Create a habit. You have to go out to walk, walk daily.

4. Walk right, upright, without arching your back. Cared for and learn how to make a good breath.

5. Dress and fits comfortably.

6. See Tips to learn how to walk well

Simple life habits exercises

Exercises to lose weight easy, simple, valid for all ages:

1. Climbing stairs whenever you can

2. Walking 1 hour per day and dispense with vehicles.

3. Move in the shower, dry yourself.

4. Move 10 minutes each 1 hour you’re session.

5. Get a table of abdominal and find 15 minutes to practice it, it is not so difficult if you have willpower.

6. Get 10 push-ups daily.

7. See: exercises to keep fit

Exercises by parts of the body: there are people who want to reduce fat and shape your body in different areas. Here are some tidbits:

1. Arms. Practice: lifting weights, swimming, basketball, handball and volleyball.

2. Chest. Swimming, some devices to strengthen chest.

3. Abdomen: abdominal exercises daily to get a flat stomach. also: swimming, biking.

4. Legs: walking, running, biking, swimming. See slimming legs.

5. Buttocks: climbing stairs, walking, jogging. See slimming ass.

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