Exercises to lose belly

exerciesReduce sagging after pregnancy is something that requires patience. After having a baby takes you awhile to the body back to get used to being without the tummy. The data which you give to me I can tell you that you are in your weight and not should you lower, especially if you are breastfeeding, although that I don’t know for sure.

Before knowing How to reduce sagging and which exercises you can perform to do this, it is important to begin by understanding what is sagging and why it occurs.

What is sagging

Sagging is the loss of skin or muscle tension. Over the years or in certain special situations as pregnancy, it is normal to lose the tension of the skin or muscles, it is possible to retrieve it with certain treatments, diet or physical exercise.

Why is there the sagging

Sagging occurs by degradation of elastic and collagen in the skin and muscles fibers. On the other hand, there are other causes that can accelerate or enhance the sagging, as for example the lack of exercise, increase and weight loss in sharply and food.Although there are many suggestions to reverse this situation, and more after delivery, it is essential to start with physical activity.

Do what exercises to lose belly and combat flaccidity

Before answering this question, it is important to consider if you need or not to lose weight. In the event that you need to lose weight, you can perform a combination of exercise, in which you combine aerobics with exercises for sagging.

In the second case, if you don’t need to lose weight it is important to put in place a series of localized exercises. For this case, you can have a number of options.

Localized exercises proposed by the specialist Dakidissa. She, as a specialist, offers you a series of exercises, such as hiking, cycling and gymnastics in water, etc. You can even find different types of videos, which will help you to put into practice these exercises.

In addition to these exercises, which especially serve to combat sagging of the legs, there are also other exercises to combat sagging arms and sagging of breasts. Other types of exercises that can help you to combat flaccidity are Pilates or spinning.

Don’t forget that the food meets an important role in the comprehensive treatment to combat flaccidity, therefore have at hand a special diet not to mention if you are breastfeeding. There are foods that can help you to reduce it.

Also, if you want to carry out a comprehensive treatment keep in mind that there are treatments that combat the flabbiness, as for example the realization of massage with firming creams, non-surgical methods, ice therapy or skin dissimulation.

As a conclusion, it is important that you present that there are many treatments that can help you to reduce sagging of the skin or muscles after childbirth. However, remember to consult your doctor especially if you are breast-feeding.

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