Exercises to increase and strengthen the gluts

exerciesExercises to lift the tail

If you want to lift the tail and look a splendid body, there are very good exercises to increase and strengthen the gluts. These will help you in a few weeks, to strengthen this part of the body that both women and men alike.

Exercise to increase buttocks:

Stand on all fours.

Raise the left leg with the knee bent.

Hold this position.

When you upload the leg, it inspires; after you went down it exhales.Return to your starting position and repeat the exercise with the right leg, get 3 sets of 10 exercises.

Then, in the same position, extend the left leg back and inspiring lift it as high as possible, and then lower it.Repeat 3 sets of 10 exercises.This is an exercise to lift the tail, you can do it for 15 minutes every day, if you’re consistent, you’ll get excellent results.

Exercise to strengthen the gluts:

Potent profile, with one leg forward and one back.

Place your hands on the waist.

Both knees flexed.

Keep your back straight, you don’t break the waist, abdomen must be firm.

Up and down 10 times with each leg.

Do three sets of 10.

This exercise enhances and strengthens the buttocks and perfectly complements the previous one. If you wish, you can do both and get incredible results.

Exercise to lift the tail:

Collocate in position face down on a mattress.

Separates the legs and put the arms close to the body.

Raise one leg, flexing the knee.

Leg should be bent, and not straight, to avoid injury in the lower part of the back.

Finally, start again. He made three series of 10 exercises.In the following video you can follow these 3 exercises step by step. They are very easy. What are you waiting.

Remember, you do these exercises slowly, to avoid injury. With these exercises to lift the tail, you will be able increase and strengthen your buttocks quickly.

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