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dietConsider that which are based on only one food, for example, Apple or papaya consumption throughout the day, cause decomposition in the body due to the fact that most of the nutrients are not obtained.

For its part, the so-called hunger diets cause deficiency of vitamins and minerals, but that’s not all, also generate opposite to the desired effect: the body adapts to low energy input, and to defend themselves against the aggression it accumulates fat.

At the same time, which are based on consumption of fats, meats and few cereals can lead to physiological condition called Acidosis, which is to speed up the metabolism to lose weight; but the cost to follow is very high, which can cause heart attacks or that any vein in the brain become clogged.

Herbs. Very often also are products whose formula is based on plants, which, despite being of natural origin, they are not exempt from risks, see what are:

Ma hangs or desert tea. It contains substances called ephedrine and pseudo ephedrine, which can cause anxiety and hyperactivity.

Guarani. It includes high amounts of caffeine, which leads to anxiety and insomnia.

Focus or bladder wrack. Its abuse can permanently damage the thyroid gland.

Belladonna. Its excessive consumption produces dryness in the mouth, deficiency, respiratory, lack of reflexes, redness and dryness in skin, difficulty urinating, elevation of body temperature, dilated pupils, and hallucinations.

Clinics. Suffering from obesity has led people to go to endless number of establishments where recommended treatments to reduce body weight, but be careful before going to some, because sometimes the staff working there does not possess adequate knowledge. If your desire is to meet at a clinic in weight control should check that those who work in it really are specialists in obesity and nutrition, likewise, will need to have thorough medical history, coupled with their eating habits and physical activity, allowing to provide the most appropriate treatment. But first of all consider that weight reduction is a process that requires time, so in any way will reflect from the evening to the morning, if this promise to you at the clinic, be wary.

Bands. They are promoted by many clinical weight loss, offering them in varied forms, with solutions of amine acids, ether, seaweed and collagen, among other compounds, and ensure to the customers that they will lose weight. Once bands are immersed in some of these substances, is wrapped with them to the person, who must keep them for 30 minutes, period in which supposedly certain amount of fates melted. There are no studies scientists to document that they are effective, and when a person submits to this method demand very low calorie diet and suppressing appetite; in this way they ensure that the individual loses weight and thus attribute it to the treatment.

Creams. Many of them made with menthol, substance that makes rigid the tissues and causes that the body stays retracted, which gives the effect of greater thinness, but does not burn fat.

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