Diet to lose 9 pounds in a month

diet tipsThis is a low fat diet; ideal for people who like to eat at every moment of the day, as in regime you will eat 5 servings of food daily.

Best of all is that it has several options and can choose between any of them.

This diet is recommended to people that they enjoy a good state of health. Low content of calories, try talking to your doctor if you are fit or not to follow it.


1.250 ml of skim milk with 50 Gr. of cereals.

2.250 ml. skim milk.

2 slices of bread with half teaspoon of butter.

Mid morning:

1.Coffee or tea with nonfat milk.

1 toasted with cream cheese.

2.2 cookies of bran with half teaspoon of butter.

Infusion with sweetener.


2.Salad with 30 Gr. tuna in water, four-leaf lettuce and a tomato.

40 Gr. of pasta with tomato sauce and 50 Gr. of meat nonfat dry.

1 peach.

3.150 g of fish cooked with an onion.

A carrot salad.

1 fruit.


1.Infusion to election with 150 ml. skim milk.

1 low fat yogurt.

2.Coffee with skim milk

1 jelly light

1 peach


1.100 gr. of broiled chicken with half Cup of rice and tomato half, cut into cubes.

1 citrus

2.100 g of veal grilled.

Lettuce and lemon salad.

200 gr. green beans.

1 orange.

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