Diet to lose 2 pounds in a week

diet tipsThis is an ideal diet for those who work and do not always have time to eat well and healthy. We give recommendations for meals that can perform and thus get to lose 2 pounds in the week.


Food: a pasta dish with cheese along with 200 g of any vegetable you prefer and a piece of fruit to pick.

Dinner: 150 Gr. of boiled fish or baked together with 200 g of vegetables cooked to taste.


Food: potatoes or baked potatoes or boiled with meat sauce, 10 cherry tomatoes and a raw carrot cut into small pieces, seasoned with olive oil and lemon. Dessert fruit.

Dinner: salad you prefer dressed with oil and lemon, 125 g of fresh cheese and a white yogurt.


Food: rice with 150 grams of fish and 200 gr. of boiled vegetables, vegetables can use a tablespoon of mayonnaise Light. Fruit for dessert.

Dinner: cream of vegetables, which are preferred, accompanied of 50 Gr. of ham, bread, and dessert cheese or a yogurt.


Food: dry beans or chickpeas, 200 gr. asparagus boiled or rather Tin seasoned with oil and lemon or vinegar. Fruit for dessert.

Dinner: an egg omelets and 200 grams of peas, a bun for dessert and small fruit.


Food: vegetables stuffed with meat. You have to be generous in the ration, since in this case it is not accompanied with nothing more. Fruit for dessert.

Dinner: 150 Gr. roasted chicken or grilled, pepper and a tomato to the oven. Dessert yogurt to taste.


Food: meat accompanied by a vegetable steamed with a tablespoon of oil and some garlic or onion. Dessert fruit.

Dinner: 50 Gr. carrots, 1 tomato, celery and onion, seasoned as you like us. A little bread and a yogurt.


Food: chicken and baked, served with vegetables, raw or cooked, as we feel more like dessert you can take a sweet if you like.

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