Diet to get a flat stomach.

slimPerhaps one of the most difficult goals to achieve to lose weight is to eliminate the volume in the abdomen. And the fat that accumulates in the gut is one of the most stubborn, persisting even when exercising.

For hormonal reasons since there store stocks someday serve as shelter for a possible pregnancy. However, what interests us is burning to show off a flat stomach and flattering, and you will get help with these beauty tips and diets. Yes, you must be well aware of the need to combine a healthy diet and exercise to get results faster and durable.

Eating Tips for a flat stomach

1. A must eat more fiber. The lack of fiber can cause constipation you, which favors the accumulation of fat and fluid and swelling of the abdomen. At least 25 grams of fiber a day we can eat from fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes is recommended. Also, avoid the gases, which also swell very much and are extremely uncomfortable.

2.  Beware of carbohydrates. Are essential in our diet, you should never leave them, but you must eat

Head. Think that must represent about 45% of your daily diet but never because you will retain more fluids, you will cause swelling and voluminous belly. If you opt for the carbon hydrates integrals will always be healthier because you also provide fiber.

3. To get a flat stomach are essential two liters of water a day. At least! Although I initially filled the stomach, is removed very quickly and will help you get rid of excess fluids and fat, purify your body sodium, and eventually ends up favor a flatter stomach. Fruits and vegetables also hold wet, you identify.

4. But avoid fizzy drinks. While the water you drink to satiety, carbonated drinks are your greatest enemy to have a flat stomach. The gas increases the swelling cause’s gases and carbon dioxide bubbles cause the stomach to empty more slowly.

5.  Watch the salt. And it produces sodium containing fluid retention that can build up in your abdomen, ideally, no more than a teaspoon of salt a day divided between all the foods. And look for alternatives to fill the spices flavor your meals without hurting your shape.

6. Promotes easy digestion. Just follow simple rules like not sleep immediately after a meal, do not stuff yourself to liquids while eating, and make five small meals a day and dinner soon.

7.  Do not chew gum!  Did you know that while you chew swallowing a huge amount of air? That air has no calories but goes straight to your stomach to cause swelling.

8. Yes to vegetables but .Vegetables are great allies in your diet to lose weight by low caloric value and great benefits. Yes, it is advisable not to eat them raw at all but lightly cooked. Retain their nutrients but spend less on your stomach, reducing swelling.

9.  Prohibited fried and fat. They are high in saturated fats, slow digestion and make you feel too heavy.

10.  Watch intolerances. If you have intolerance to certain foods, they might cause you swollen belly.

Have you tried the flat belly diet?

It is a plan devised by author Liz Vaccariello and Cynthia Saps, editor of the journal Prevention and nutritionist. Inspired by the Mediterranean go on a diet, is a 1,600-calorie routine meant at reducing excess abdominal fat without starving. Its base is unrefined foods, whole grains, protein and light minimal red meat.

His other key is the gradual introduction of monounsaturated fats in each meal, olive oil, avocados, seeds, black chocolate, and soy, flax and sunflower oil.

It is a very easy diet to follow and adaptable even to vegetarians and people with allergies. You can find the entire secrets flat belly diet book online acquiring its.

At 10 days

The plan of attack consists of three or seven days, depending on the kilos you want to lose. Tomas daily and four dinners prepared meat, fish or egg and yogurt. It is the weight loss phase.

After one month

Follow the phases of transition and stabilization. The preparations are limited to three shots per day and two servings of cereal, bread or vegetables are included.

Slimming with common sense

Weight loss diets and supplements that offer help in these pages faster lowering kilos, without effort or starve, but you must do your part. Eliminate sweets, fats, carbohydrates and sugars and reduces the amount of your usual portions, you have to balance with products enriched diet.

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