Diet patch

dietIt is said that to be placed they release substances that suppress the appetite, but its safety and effectiveness have not been proven.

Blockers FAT

Is presented in the form of capsules or powder and are intended to absorb the fat from food avoiding you to digest; in this regard, specialists in nutrition and endocrinology claim that these products only induce people to eat uncontrollably large amount of fats and carbohydrates, which causes to increase their body weight because these formulations are not effective.

Magnetic diet pills

They supposedly promote the removal of fat from the body, but there is little scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness.

That fills the stomach

They are fibers that to be consumed expanding, thus creating satiety and reduce hunger, however, are considered harmful since they can cause obstruction in esophagus and intestines.

Miraculous capsules

These can make a person lower up to 12 kg in a month, which seems you magnificent who are obsessed with losing weight immediately, however, much care must be taken because although they claim that its content is harmless; the truth is inside including an embryo of the solitary worm. This parasite is approximately 3 meters, eat everything that consumes the host, and at the least expected moment can go out through the mouth, destroys the intestines and is possible to cause the death.

Electrical stimulators

Only have legitimate use in physical therapy, however, they have been promoted for weight loss and toning muscles. If used incorrectly, they can cause heavy burns.

Appetite suppressants glasses. Equipped with color glasses, which are intended to project a little tasty food to reduce hunger; there is no evidence of that work.

Magical earrings. He is said to stimulate point’s acupuncturists which control appetite, but has not been proven to be effective.

Eating disorder

The obsession with weight loss has led to many people not only to rely on miracle products, but to suffer from eating disorders, like anorexia and bulimia, which can result in death. Its main features are as follows:

Anorexia. If you have it extreme reduces the consumption of foods and made arduous exercise routines, which causes that you present very less than ideal weight.

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