Diet of celery

dietWith this diet, it is possible to get between 1 kg and a kilo and a half during the week, although it is not recommended to follow this regimen for more than 5 days.

When you get up:

Prepare 1 liter of celery with sweetener, a little baby and the rest throughout the day. You can drink it hot or cold.


1 Cup of milk fat with 2 tablespoons of cereal, and an Apple.


Celery in sticks, you can eat the amount you want.


A fillet of chicken grilled with a salad of celery, 4 olives, radishes, lifeline, 2 nuts, and carrots, dessert an Apple.


1 Cup celery and whole wheat bread with low-fat cheese or jam light water.


Chicken grilled with salad of celery and lettuce soup celery with medium bucket of chicken broth and a boiled egg.

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