Diet for weight loss with fluids

lose weightFirst day:

1. To 8 h, 10 h, 14 h, 16 h, 18 h and 22 h: drink a glass of fruit juice, may be squeezed, or licua-dos or packaged juices that have no sugar or aggregates.

2. At 12 h and 20 h: a dish of vegetable broth with Moderate salt.

3. Can drink water or infusions, preferably herbal tea mate or tea light if they are used and it is difficult to leave them.

Second day:

1. Add a yogurt at 8 h and 16 h.

2. Add to the broth: cooked vegetables into julienne strips, in piquant amount. They may leak and make a nourishing soup.

Third day:

1. Add in one of the two main meals, a dish of vegetables raw in salad prepared with little olive oil of first extraction and moderate salt.

2. Change a fresh fruit juices from14: 00and22: 00.

Fourth day:

1. Add in the other co­mida, a dish of boiled, steamed or sautéed, with little oil verdures.

2. Change the juice of 10 h and 18 h infusions

Fifth day:

1. Add an egg in a food

2. One of the fruit can be made into pure, liquefied, compote, steamed or baked.

Sixth day:

1. Add another meal: a small portion of it can be made steamed or baked fish with


Seventh day:

1. In one of the two meals to replace egg or fish, with a medium dish of coccids grains.

2. Raw vegetables.

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