Diet for cellulite.

diet tipsIf you took a diet wrong, with plenty of fried and sugar, will favor the appearance of cellulite. Here we provide you diet for cellulite, some tricks to help you eat well   to have a smoother skin.

Cellulite   is an accumulation of fat that forms on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen and it is very difficult to remove without taking action. Adipose tissue accumulates, formed by the fat, water and toxins from our body has failed to get past.

In addition to unavoidable causes such as genetic, poor diet is one of the main culprits of the existence of this problem. For them, we are going to propose some foods that should not miss in your diet for cellulite because it will help to eliminate toxins and drain, and a black list of those to be banishing you. And also the average of the ingredients does not remove cellulite but not the cause. Notes before going to the supermarket!

Food that benefits the elimination of cellulite

Diet contrary cellulite’s in3

1. The water is not a food but a basic diet for cellulite because if you drink plenty will help us remove toxins leftovers. Make ready with a squeeze of lemon and also be antioxidant.

2.  Vegetables such as artichokes, spinach, asparagus or raw onions help clear liquids. Consume them raw or boiled in your diet for cellulite, never fried, and you eliminating excess through urine.

3. There are fruits especially draining as Granada, grapes and apple. We also benefit kiwi and grapefruit.

4. How to avoid fluid retention? Parsley and apple cider vinegar are your best allies as well as watermelon and cantaloupe.

5. The oatmeal helps control blood cholesterol, but also to reduce fluid accumulation.

6. The green tea is also essential in a diet for cellulite and to help you wake up in the morning but with less caffeine, so it is an excellent substitute for coffee and helps you lose excess fluid.

7. Replaces the normal cereals by integrals.

Ingredients for which you choose to prevent cellulite

1. Look lean meats like skinless chicken instead of red meat or chicken with skin.

2. In your cellulite diet, opt for white fish.

3. The spices do not add calories or retain fluids, but can help you spice up your food with less salt, since this itself causes fluid retention.

4. Replaces the normal milk for skimmed or light. Containing less fat, you will earn less.

What I favor the appearance of cellulite

1. The fried and breaded in general. Replace them with raw food, grilled, steamed en papillae.

2. The spirit increases the toxins; you must remove it from your diet for cellulite immediately.

3. Beware of sugars: if not burned properly form fatter. Avoid refined sugars, too many sweets and bakery.

4.  Refined carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, rice … Change them for their full version.

5. Animal fats from the meats.

6. Beware of carbonated drinks and sugar, cause fluid retention.

7. Vegetable fats like butter and margarine.

If, nevertheless, you do not get cellulite end, you know that it is best to go to the top experts in diet and nutrition. Therefore, we recommend our My Diet service in which, for very little, you can get the shape you want thanks to the personalized diet that designed to fit your needs.

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